Have you wanted a pen that will continue to work even with a workload like you have at school? Or even work? Well this Classic style pen is the perfect pen to handle any workload. The refill will continuously write at any angle and under just about any condition while writing for approximately 3x longer than a normal ballpoint pen. Check them out here…  It is also available with a stylus on the end too! You can find that one here… If those aren’t your style shop the full Fisher Line, all of them have the refill that writes 3x longer!!


We have had the pleasure to use multiple types of stone paper. The smoothness is probably our favorite part of this product. It’s how you would image writing on silk would feel like. Not to mention that it is water proof, tear resistant and eco friendly. It is also free of trees! Try one out for yourself. You can find a few over here.

AHH Pile3